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Twynyrodyn Community School

Gilfach Cynon, Twynyrodyn, Merthyr Tydfil CF47 0LW
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Skip Pupils of the Week

Pupils of the Week

Miss Walding's Class:

Keeley Thompson:- For fantastic participation & effort

Miss Jones' Class:

Ioan Parry:- For fantastic creative writing.

Mrs Bennett's Class:

Gwen-Hazel Jones:- For fantastic writing.

Mr Gammage's Class

Danny Thomas:- For fantastic reading & writing

Ms Carless's Class:

Ashleigh Burton:- For fantastic effort in literacy & RWI.

Mrs Davies's Class:

Kian Salter:- For making fantastic progress in reading, writing & maths.

Mrs J Jones's Class:

Erin Jones:- For fantastic reading this week.

Mrs Lang's Class:

Emily Galleozzie:-  For beautiful reading & always hardworking.

Miss Murphy's Class:

Bradley Cox:- For excellent maths work.

Mrs Evans Class:

Mackenzie Vinnicombe:- For someone who deserves it every week of the year.

Mrs Williams Class:

Mia Evans:- For an excellent presentation & wonderful behaviour.

Mrs Powers Class:

Andrew Spikey Jones:- For being in school every day & learning his sounds.

Pupils of the Week

Skip Attendance Champions

Attendance Champions

Our School Target this year is 94.5%

The Attendance Champions this week are: Mrs Jones' Class

running gif

Miss Jones' Class:89%

Miss Ainscow's Class:91%

Mrs Thompson's Class:90%

Mrs Carless' Class:90%

Mr Gammage's Class:93%

Mrs Walding's Class:96%

Mrs Davies's Class:98%

Mrs Jones Class:96%

Mr Williams Class:92%

Mrs Murphy's Class:92%

Mrs Evans Class:97%

Mrs Williams Class:94%

Mrs Herridge's Class:94%

Callio Initiative 

Green Colour = 96% and above

Amber Colour = 90% - 96%

Red Colour = Below 90%

Autumn Half Term Attenance 2014:     

100% Attendance was achieved by 122 Pupils (37%)

Green Pupils :182 Pupils(56%)

Amber Pupils:72 Pupils(22%)

 Red Pupils   :72 Pupils(22%)

If we keep the current standards of Attendance 69% of our pupils will achieve the Welsh Target of 95%

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Contact Us

Head: Mr M D Carrington

School Office: Mrs S Thomas & Miss A Galliers

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Tel: 01685-351804

Twynyrodyn Community School,
Gilfach Cynon,
Merthyr Tydfil.
CF47 0LW